ZMK Training Center

ZMK Training Center is committed to providing the best possible training and development services to trainees in the healthcare field. Through which the trainee acquires skills and professional competence which contributes to preparing a trainee leader who is confident in the healthcare field.

Training according to the latest international standards
Training with a team of the highest level of experience
Training by using the latest equipment
Our certification is recognized by national and international accreditation bodies
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ZMK Training Center

The Best Training Center in Egypt

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We Are The Best
We Offer the Best Prices and The Highest Level of Quality with The Accreditation of The Highest International Accreditation Organizations.

We seek to build capacity through services of high quality and credibility, and that the focus of improvement for these services is the trainee


Providing continuous education and training for future healthcare leaders.


Create a leader and a competitor trainee in the health field who enjoys excellence, honesty, professional integrity and teamwork spirit.


To be the leading health care educational and training center in Egypt. Which advances medical knowledge, skills and practices to prepare leaders in health care.

What sets us apart

Credibility, Honesty and Professional Integrity

ZMK seeks to achieve an international standard in providing quality courses at reasonable prices to all trainees