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دورة دعم الحياة المتقدم للقلب والأوعية الدموية (ACLS) اتصل بنا دورة مدرب دعم الحياة المتقدم
دورة دعم الحياة الأساسي
دورة مدرب دعم الحياة الأساسي
أساسيات تمريض الحالات الحرجة
دورة المصطلحات الطبية
دورة منقذ القلب – الإسعافات الأولية، والإنعاش القلبي الرئوي
دعم الحياة المتقدم للأطفال

ZMK Training Center

ZMK Training Center is committed to providing the best possible training and development services to trainees in the healthcare field. Through which the trainee acquires skills and professional competence which contributes to preparing a trainee leader who is confident in the healthcare field.

Zmk Training Center Is a Professional Science Project in The Healthcare Field.

The human element is the basis of success in any institution. Therefore, the Zamak Center pays special attention to training the work team and arming them with the latest scientific methods and methods in all areas of health care.
One of our first concerns is the comfort of the trainees and providing them with all the comforts. Therefore, the Zamak Training Center is keen to determine the appropriate time for the trainee to start the course and take into account all his circumstances.
ZMK Training Center offers all courses at the best prices to suit all categories, in addition to accrediting all courses from local and international bodies.

Zmk Training Center Is a Professional Science Project in The Healthcare Field.

We seek to build capacity through health training services of high quality and credibility, and that the focus of improvement for these services is the trainee

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Certified by the American Heart Association in partnership with the Arab Hospital Center for Training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


ZMK Center is a training and skills development center for healthcare providers in Egypt

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The best and largest center specialized in providing specialized courses in health care that enable you to lead in this field

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Zmk Center an Approved Site from The Arab Center for Training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (an International Center Accredited by The American Heart Association)

    Paediatric Advanced Life Support for Healthcare Providers is designed to make participants identify and manage cardiopulmonary arrest besides common circumstances that may result in cardiopulmonary arrest in infants and children through a variety of case scenario practices. PALS aims at enhancing outcomes for paediatric patients in case of respiratory emergencies, shock, and cardiopulmonary arrest through using high performance individual and team dynamics skills.
    This course provides a flexible professional development opportunity for nurses. As it offers nurses with current knowledge and skills they can apply at any Critical Care setting.
    Medical terminology course covers the medical language and terminology used by health care professionals in healthcare environments and everywhere. Understanding medical terminology is crucial for effectual communication and operation between physicians, nurses, non-clinical staff and healthcare organizations.
    The AHA’s Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED course teaches candidates how to effectively deliver first aid, CPR, as well as how to safely use the automated external defibrillator (AED).
    The AHA’s Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course completes the lifesaving BLS skills, highlights the importance of preventing cardiac arrest, and delivers a continuous high-quality CPR besides high-performing teams.
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    Because we are committed to providing the best possible training and development services to all trainees in the health field, through which the trainee acquires the skills that will help him raise his capabilities and develop his professional competencies.


    To be the leading health care educational and training center in Egypt. Which advances medical knowledge, skills and practices to prepare leaders in health care.

    Our Mission

    Providing continuous education and training for future healthcare leaders.

    Our Objectives

    Create a leader and a competitor trainee in the health field who enjoys excellence, honesty, professional integrity and teamwork spirit.

    We Are Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction